Why Community Prosperity?

About the Institute

The Institute for Community Prosperity ensures that students and citizens have access to high impact, immersive learning and undergraduate community-partnered research opportunities that build their confidence and capacity to lead transformative change in their communities. Advancing MRU’s mandate to provide an exceptional undergraduate educational experience, the Institute is committed to supporting students as they unlock their potential, and flourish as learners, changemakers, and human beings.


    Our Mission

We work toward a vision of a borderless campus, where faculty, students and community organizations share in a vibrant learning ecosystem; Where community knowledge, wisdom and experience is integrated with academic problem-based learning and scholarly insight.   We are a place to try out new ideas and approaches, and to foster inspiration for the next generation of social impact leaders as they use 21st-century skills and mindsets to respond to the complex challenges the world, and our communities face.   

Whether you are a student, faculty or staff member, or member of the broader community, let us connect you, and help you move your ideas and insights forward.


Feature Fellow


Meet our 2019 Fellows!


Undergraduate Changemaking


MRU Changemaker Campus

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